Faith Journey

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So I am on this journey.  And not in a sad meme kinda way, I really do see my life as a journey.  A series of  traversed emotional mountains, of jogging ocean front paths of opportunity, of being touched by beauty and love like a slow romantic meandering with my wife, or a joyful, sunny smile filled day with dear friends.  Each moment somehow yearning towards God, and so often dragged back by my humanity.

So hear begins my blog, a record of my thoughts, my reflections on life and faith.  I will try as best I can to be real, avoid too much sanitized and purely intellectual indulgence.  I think if this blog is to work at all, its through sharing me and not some carefully constructed ‘brand pamphlet.’

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Let the blogtherapy begin.


2 thoughts on “Faith Journey

  1. Mark, the first time I heard you preach, it was years ago as a ? Youth pastor?, recoding sermons in a trailer and posting them on YouTube. You have come far in your journey.

    I just wanted to let you know that then, hearing your message, we’re so important and relevant to a transforming in my life., that Jesus was bringing me through. I would like to be able to see those old recordings again, but can not find them on the web.
    Now, I am really looking forward to how God is going to use you to help people through this new blog. Wishing and praying for you and your beautiful family, all the good health, happiness and fortune you deserve.

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  2. Mark…you and your family are a real inspiration. I have over a number of years now followed you on facebook and youtube and now on the faith journey froup. I have been truly blessed with your teaching and awesome humour. And awesome songs too ☺ The topics you talk about on your youonbe chanel has also been useful as teaching tools to friends and family going through questions about life from tattoos to halloween to depression and knowing God’s will forfamilso a MASSIVE THANK YOU! May God continue to bless you and your awesome family and the wonderful ministry work that you are being used for, delivered to us in such an easy to understand and recall way.
    Much Love and Blessings x


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