Why grief is like vomit (well sort of)

Each and every day I deal with grief.  On a good day it whispers egregious reminders of what isn’t and what should be.  At my worst, the lamentation pummels me with what seems endless despondence.

What I have learnt and often forget is that talking about my grief is relieving, a little like vomiting; its often a messy business, but with instant relief.  To dam the feelings, the frustrations, is harmful to me, causing resentment, anger, and depression.

So how am I to modulate my catharsis without developing emotional bulimia?

When my frustration levels increase, when I find myself depressed – I don’t ignore it. I have found that denying my emotions is horrible for me, and horrific for my wife.  So I own up to myself about my mess.

I then stride deeper into my spiritual disciplines, particularly reading the Bible, confession and prayer. They become my handrail on a steep, slippery path.  This isn’t instant insight and relief, this is a slow, careful progression down an uncomfortable and at times dangerous path.

But I make the choice to engage, and this choice is immensely important in growing my faith amidst emotional hardship and toil.

So what do I use and recommend?

I have three resources I use:

  1. The Daily Office.  A fantastic, succinct and majestic resource that includes Bible reading, confession and prayers. I have mine on Kindle, which cost me $2.99 – check it out by clicking here: https://amzn.com/B015RHXXPO 
  2. Scripture Union Bible Guides. World class, massively popular way to read the Bible and learn. For more info see:  http://scriptureunionresources.com/daily-bible-reading
  3. Faith Journey.  Each day I send out at most, two text messages that are designed to share my faith journey, and through this, God willing, encourage others to also strengthen their faith.  If you would like to join, text me at 832 341 2440 if you are in the US or on iMessage, or otherwise, same number but through WhatsApp.

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Please leave your thoughts and comments, would love to hear from you!

God bless,


3 thoughts on “Why grief is like vomit (well sort of)

  1. Thank you. We lost our 27-year-old son on February 10 of this year. I have been compelled to stay close to God through daily Bible reading and prayer. I don’t know how I’d make it without Him!

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