My Big Political Statement

I have resisted making an overt political post, but I think now on the eve of the US Election, now is the time to speak out.

We face an historic choice, to either elect the first female President, or the first President without any government or military experience.

I have watched the unfolding of the political drama, with countless indiscretions aired on both sides, both candidates attracting scorn and ridicule. In fact the two main candidates have consistently recorded the highest unpopularity rates on record.  And not surprisingly, I am witnessing the rise of opposition voting, where it seems many are voting against a candidate rather than for one.

And so as I weigh up the evidence I have decided to speak out, and I hope in some way I will influence your decision.  I have just 4 questions that I encourage you to ask before you decide:

  1. Which of the candidates will promote the radical notion of loving our neighbor as ourself?  (Matthew 22:39).  With the neighbor being anyone else, regardless of race or religion.
  2.  Who will provide food and care for the poor, for those who are destitute? (James 2:15-17)
  3.  Who will exemplify the challenge to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us? (Luke 6:27)
  4.   Which of the candidates will encourage us to forgive others, as our heavenly Father forgives us? (Matthew 6:14).


Now at this point you may be rightly thinking, wait, I have no idea what the candidates position is on these 4 questions!  And that is my point.  I certainly believe you should vote, and last week I voted, but ultimately what we need is Jesus and what we need to do is follow His lead, as tough as it is.

So this is my commitment, whomever is elected, I am going to do all I can to love my neighbors more, provide food and care for the poor and destitute, love my enemies, do good to those who hate me and be quick to forgive others.

Whatever happens, I commit to drawing closer to Jesus and expressing my faith more actively.

Will you join me in this challenge?







23 thoughts on “My Big Political Statement

  1. If Donald Trump wins Tuesday, he will be the first president since Dwight D. Eisenhower who was not a career politician.
    In fact, only four presidents had never been elected to public office before becoming President: Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, Herbert Hoover, and Eisenhower.
    Eisenhower was elected in 1952 — 64 years ago.


  2. I’m in, Mark! If I’m being honest, this election choice has been a struggle for me. Both candidates concern me. I’m to the point now that I’m praying for wisdom & discernment as I vote Tuesday. I know God will guide me to the correct decisions.


  3. Bless you, friend, for this message of spiritual hope in such a time of political division. Challenge accepted! ❤


  4. As Christians, our concern should be supporting and voting for the person to support and
    pass laws that are in accordance with the Bible…Christians don’t expect those who are unsaved to know the difference. God expects Christians to know better though…We are accountable…


  5. I cried after reading this statement. This is it. The essence of why we are here. It’s so easy to get lost in all this worldly craziness, my soul feels a bit sick after voting. Thank you for this! It has softened my heart to accept whatever outcome God ordained long before this day. Also I continue to pray for your entire family. In my own way I grieve your heartbreak, and pray for God’s strength to help you persevere.


  6. I pray that your President will respect the Word of God and respect the bodies and souls of his/her American people. We have to leave the rest to God. And we have to keep America in prayer, as we must do for the whole world. Your will be done, Lord.


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