Are you worried about President Trump? Read on..

And so we have a new President and tens of millions of Americans are disgusted, disappointed and many are deeply fearful at the prospect of a Trump Presidency.

Add to this, many non Americans are worrying about Trump being the Commander in Chief of a massive superpower.

But I am here to assure you, relax,  its not that bad, you really don’t have to worry – the role of President isn’t actually that powerful.

America has a magnificent system of checks and balances enshrined in the Constitution that make sure no one individual or branch of government gets too powerful.

We have this impression that the President has complete control of all matters relating to the military, to the budget and to the laws that govern us.. but this is a myth.  The role of the President is severely limited, President Trump, just like President Obama, will have to work with the Congress, with the Senate and with us Americans.

Rather than order people around, a President has to influence and persuade, and quite often their plans are dramatically changed or even defeated.  And in the Senate, though the Republicans are in the majority, its slim. And a raft of Senators have come out in opposition of Trump, making his task even harder.  Plus he has zero political experience, and much more significantly has spent decades ordering people around and is used to getting things done his way.  He isn’t accustomed to the bureaucratic inertia of Washington, or having to answer to others.  His new bosses are the Republican leadership, 100 Senators, 435 Representatives and the American people.

And then there is the Supreme Court, which has the power to annul, to declare invalid an Executive Action made by the President.  But wait, isn’t Trump going to appoint Supreme Court Justices that will support him?  Again we have a check in place, any appointment must be approved by the Senate, through an exhaustive process including Senate Judiciary Committee based work and debates on the Senate floor.

And if that isn’t enough limitations on the Presidency, there is also public opinion.  One of the most popular Presidents of the 20th century was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who tried to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices.  And so significant was the public opposition that Congress were forced to reject the reform.   ‘We the people..’ have considerable power.

So don’t worry too much about a Trump Presidency, he really can’t do that much.  And I predict he will actually find the whole process frustrating and will be glad to be out of office in four years time.

And lets be thankful for our Constitution, this beautiful and amazing document that protects us from the abuse of power.

15 thoughts on “Are you worried about President Trump? Read on..

  1. Hi Mark – as we’ve been discussing over on Facebook, I agree with your points about limitations on power and the checks and balances that are in place. I am under no illusions of the frustrations that Trump will hopefully feel over the coming months.

    Of far greater concern is what a Trump presidency says about how people view the world and how they relate to each other. Whilst they might not always have the power that we think they do, leaders (and particularly the US President) by definition are in a place to lead. This is not a titular or ceremonial role. He has influence, and by his own actions he shown himself to be unsuited to a role that demands leadership, diplomacy, sensitivity and moral courage.

    I wish Trump and my American friends all the best. I really do. I hope and pray (against what seems like overwhelming odds) that empathy, generosity, forgiveness, and equality will all prevail under Trump’s leadership.


  2. However, the GOP have control of both the House and Senate as well.
    All bets are off on how many “checks and balances” will be at play.


  3. Thanks for this, Mark. When I finally went to bed, it was a little comforting to know that there are so many Republicans in the house and Senate who will “contain” him and his bizarre behaviour. Still and all, it is shocking to think that the public face presented by America to the rest of the world is going to be this man. How sad to see so much hate, so much racism, so much anger emerging in this election. If ever we needed God, it’s right now. Let us pray for each other and for the whole world, because the whole world is affected.
    In peace let us pray to the Lord, Lord have mercy!

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  4. Disgusted at your stance. Instead why not so got prayers for success for our new president. Obama was quite powerful and Trump can be too. I pray for him, his safety his success. I am disappointed you did not stress prayer but instead slap to his face…. He needs our support. Shame on you.


    1. Shut up. He didn’t slap Trump in the face, he simply stated the true facts. THIS IS how our government works no matter who is president.


    2. Mark is absolutely right in Trump’s assessment and God we will need all those checks and balances in his presidency. What I cannot believe is what kind of a person you have to be to support a narcissistic, racist, bigot, liar and megalomaniac like Trump. I cannot wait until these 4 years are OVER.


  5. Thanks for the reassurance, Mark. We have to remember that it is God’s will that this has happened and He has a plan. Let’s give Him the glory and pray for America.

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  6. Thank you Pastor Mark, I’m leaning heavily on you and the word of God this morning. I feel sick for my country, and sick for the way I feel about our new president.

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  7. I DONT BELIEVE A WORD OF IT!!! We see how Obama went totally unrestrained in his 8 yrs of rule. King Obama blurred the lines on many of bastions of govt. our DOJ, FBI, and CIA are now a joke as they’ve lost ALL CREDIBILITY!!! He’s made a mockery out of the USA. I cannot wait until Pres Trump restores our standing in the world. God bless the USA


  8. The president can have a nuclear weapon launched with one telephone call. He does not have to consult with anyone. If you don’t believe me, check it out. with Trump’s temperament, that is scary.


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