An open letter to my children

To my darling, beautiful kids, I want to share with you some of the lessons that help me navigate the challenges of life.  Each one didn’t come easy, the product of mistakes and in some cases, quite a bit of pain.  No doubt you will make your own mistakes, and actually its not a bad thing if you do as we are often refined through the rough and tumble of daily life.

  1. Every day, make the decision to somehow serve God.  He doesn’t expect you to be perfect, but to try the best you can.
  2. Read your Bible every day (at least for 10 minutes).
  3. Pray often throughout the day.  Treat prayer as a conversation with God.
  4. Pray more about others than yourself.
  5. Daily confess your sin, face up to your struggles, your temptations.  Don’t lie to yourself about your problems. Take the decision to deal with your sin.
  6. Don’t lie to others, be as open and as transparent as you can be, it will build trust.
  7. Think about how you can serve others each day, how you can love them. Expect nothing in return.
  8. Allow yourself to be creative; ignore destructive feedback about your creativity.
  9. Work out what it means to love your enemies.  This one is really hard, but really important.
  10. When you finish school, keep exercising.  Have a program, join a team – whatever it takes, keep being active.
  11. If you want something truly confidential, best not to share it with anyone.
  12. Join a church community and actively serve it.
  13. Give generously to the church and to Christian ministries.
  14. Save 20% of all that you earn and live off 80%.
  15. Don’t be tricked, work isn’t life.  Your family is way more important.
  16. Look after your health. Eat more salad and fruit than you prefer, and much less junk food than you prefer.  Drink at least two bottles of water each day.
  17. Drink very little alcohol and don’t smoke.
  18. The truth is, life can be very tough.  Horrible things happen, and when they do, remember that God loves you, your family loves you, and don’t ever give up.
  19. If you don’t know something, ask.  Find someone who has done what you want to do, and learn off them.  Never stop learning.
  20. You will get tired – a lot, so work on endurance. Learn how to keep going regardless of how you feel.
  21. Don’t fill your days off with work, make sure you rest and relax.
  22. Don’t check your emails when you are on vacation or just before bed.
  23. How you look really isn’t as important as you think it is.  When you get older, its what you do and how you treat others that is way more important than your appearance.
  24. You don’t have to go to college/university. Its really important that you do what you feel God is calling you to do, which hopefully is what you really want to do.
  25. Become really good at apologizing.  You will make lots of mistakes, be prepared to admit when you are wrong and be prepared to change.
  26. Develop a love of books. Spend time in libraries, book stores and use an e-reader.
  27. Watch as little TV as you can.  Choose instead to read, paint, cook, talk and explore the world around you.
  28. Don’t associate, date or marry someone who tries to control you, is more interested in themselves or puts you down.
  29. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself and unselfishly and unconditionally love you.
  30. Never forget your brother Judah.  As you are able, visit his grave throughout your life.  And talk to him, tell him what you miss about him.  And look forward to one day being reunited.
  31. Know that I love you deeply and pray for you every day.


Your dad xxx


7 thoughts on “An open letter to my children

  1. Very anointed and Apointed by The LORD that brings love, light, Life and Reverece to its reader! Thank you so muck mark!


  2. Thank you mark dad for your beautiful words actually i’m from poor family i does’nt have enough money to celebrate christmas and my birthday too actually on my birthday i want to give treat to orphan friends who are now in a orphanage so pray for me that i get some help from God and i will follow every words that you wrote on the letter


  3. This is beautiful Rev. What a letter to from a Dad. Truelly you are annoited. May God bless your children and your family at large. Am always reading your posts..they really bless me.


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