Run the race (ultra marathon that is). Guest Post: Christi Brown.

The Bible compares this life to a race and so it is. But it’s not a sprint. It’s an ultra-marathon.

In this kind of race, if you go out too fast or too strong, you will hurt yourself and possibly those around you too.

For this kind of race, you need courage, you need to train and learn and strengthen those weak areas in your life. You need good fuel to keep going and you need to believe and trust, with everything in you, that there is a finish line, even though you can’t see it yet.

I imagine that when I cross my finish line, I will crumble into God’s arms, broken, bleeding and bruised. But I hope, that when I cross my finish line, I will be able to say that I ran my race with every ounce of determination that I possess and that when I fell, no matter how hard, no matter how deep the wounds I sustained, I never failed to keep inching my way toward my God.

Life is an ultra-marathon. You are going to fall. You are going to get dehydrated. You are going to beg for the journey to not hurt so deeply. You are going to suffer breaks and bruises, cuts and all manner of ugly, painful wounds. You are going to get lost and have to find the right path again. You are going to suffer many, many losses along the way. Some of those will strip you of every ounce of strength. Some will steal your ability, even to breathe. Your faith will grow so weak, you will feel you can’t take another step.

When that happens, get on your knees and crawl. Crawl, because when you reach the end, you are going to be given the eternal rest your soul so badly craves. You are going to be given the deep, deep nourishment you need, after a lifetime of long, hard fought miles. You are going to be healed with a kind of never ending peace that you can only dream about now. All of your broken places will finally be made whole and all of your pain will finally be redeemed.

Just get over that finish line. Just run this race….


By Christi Brown

(Photo : Christi finishing a 105 mile, 10 day ultra marathon.)

1 Comment

  1. The nourishment and healing are not just the rewards at the end of the race, for the Holy Spirit is our strength each and every mile. We are not running the race in our own strength (as impressive as a 105 mile, 10 day ultra marathon is). His invitation is to take His yoke upon us that He might share our load. We still run with each and every ounce of determination, but the focus is not on our own performance, but on He Who energizes our life today and into eternity.


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