Persist in love

What is in the mind of someone who heads to the synagogue,Temple De Hirsch Sinai in Seattle  and deface its wall with the declaration, ‘Holocaust is fake history!‘?  Do they really believe what they write?  Does anyone actually believe that the holocaust didn’t happen?

And unfortunately, this incident isn’t isolated.  The number of hate crimes across America is on the rise.  The Anti-Defamation League reports that,

Since January, 160 bomb threats have targeted Jewish institutions across the country, including Jewish Community Centers, schools, synagogues and ADL offices in New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta and Boston.

And it isn’t isolated to the Jewish Community.  There is a rise in attacks on African American, LGBTQ, Latino and Muslim communities.  And the number of hate groups is also on the rise, the most dramatic being anti-Muslim groups.

Graph by Southern Poverty Law Center


I am aware that this blog will unlikely be read by those who would spray paint synagogues or attack someone because of their skin color.  So my mission this week is to find someone who hates another because of their religion, their race or their sexual orientation.  Someone who is willing to speak out, organize and take action.

I plan to write to some known hate groups, try and engage them and understand what is at the heart of their hatred.  And I hope share the message that God created each and everyone of us to be equal.  And that to love another is to see them as God’s creation.

Perhaps it will fall on deaf ears,but it is worth doing all the same.

We will see..





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One thought on “Persist in love

  1. To me Mark I i am sure that God didnt want this hate relationship with anyone we should all try to love each other i have been held up 8times by black people here in south africa we are a black country i dont hate blacks


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