I am set free!

Easter Sunday 2017 for me is new life, new beginnings in Christ.   

For the past nearly 7 months since Judah’s death, I have worn mostly black. A visible sign of my mourning.

As of today, though I continue to mourn, I choose to wear white, bright colors. 

Judah has new life in heaven, and in honor of my sweet little man, I embrace the risen life, the redeemed freedom found in the empty tomb. 

I am set free! Free to serve Christ with all that I am. Come Holy Spirit, guide me, enthuse me, convict me. 

Christ has indeed risen!!

4 thoughts on “I am set free!

  1. AMEN and THANKS for the wonderful reminder!!!! As I am losing my mom to aggressive bladder cancer! I am in pain and it is the hardest thing!!!! She is my best friend


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