I declare

I declare my love, my complete, unreserved love for my wife Christi. 

Christi, I will hold you amidst the grief. 

Pray for you as you seek direction. 

I will laugh with you as we together recognize absurd moments in life. 

I will parent our amazing children with you. Come success, sadness or frustration. 

I will do all I can to protect you and keep you and our kids safe.

Through everything, in every moment, every emotion. I will always love you. 

2 thoughts on “I declare

  1. Mark, the beauty of the words, the strokes of the thoughts as they are flowing from your brain to your fingertips to the printed page. This is beautiful!

    May God multiply your joy and divide your sorrows.

    Be blessed my brother,
    Thom Layfield


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