A New Foundation For American Greatness?

Getting my head around President Trump’s first budget. Its called, ‘A New Foundation For American Greatness’. What I love about the budget is the large vision to reduce our bloated debt and work towards balancing the budget by 2027.
It also has some generous goals around economic growth, which informed folks are saying are unrealistic. Unrealistic or not, its important to have goals to work towards.
But what concerns me is what is being cut to reduce debt and balance the budget.
With any budget, you have two basic choices, increase income or decrease expenditure. And even with the hoped for economic growth, given where America is at financially, to balance the budget requires making sizable cuts.
And some of President Trump’s proposed cuts makes sense, but others frankly perplex me.
It dramatically reduces the support for the poor and those in crisis. Over the next decade, the budget calls for a reduction of $800 billion from Medicaid, the federal health program for the poor. And a further $192 billion from nutritional assistance, and another $272 billion from other welfare programs.
I am very concerned that cutting support of the poor and those in crisis is part of, ‘A New Foundation For American Greatness’.
American greatness should not be defined primarily by economic success, but also by how we care for the poor and those in crisis.
Those that struggle need our help. Some will be capable of working, and with some assistance will reach economic independence. But there are others who will always need our support. For many, poverty isn’t a choice, its imposed, an unwelcome endless struggle.
American Greatness must include generous charity to those who struggle the most, to the poor and those in crisis.
My hope is that our Congress and the Senate will help President Trump redefine greatness to include a more realistic and robust plan to care for the poor.

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  1. Not helping the poor, especially children & widows, is in conflict with God’s charge that we do. While there may be places to cut, this is not the place ro make mistakes.

    I am very concerned about the depth of these cuts and pray that no cuts be made unless pleasing to God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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