How to handle the many struggles in life.

The truth of the matter is, everyone struggles with life in some way. Its impossible to be completely free of pain and difficulties.

So the question is, how do you respond? The thing we should definitely not do is ignore the issues, hope they will somehow go away.

We actually need to do the opposite, so rather than ignore them we need to engage the struggles.

When we are struggling there are 6 things we should do a lot of :

Work a lot

Pray a lot

Relax a lot

Reflect a lot

Talk a lot

Exercise a lot

So work a lot, as in do as much as you can to overcome the challenge in your life. Don’t give up, persist.

Pray a lot means getting a God perspective – realizing you need God. You are not doing this alone, God is with you!

Relax a lot. Truth is, stress hates you having fun. Work out what you love doing and do much more of it.

Reflect a lot, take the time to journal, draw, create poetry, songs and art. Get all that is bottled up out.

Talk a lot means finding someone you trust and sharing your struggle. Be clear whether you want advice or just a listening ear.

And, exercise a lot, as being active floods your system with lovely endorphins. And if it involves goals which you achieve, will give you a sense of achievement.

Every one of the 6 techniques I do most days. And they truly help my immensely.

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