Yesterday I posted the following on Facebook,

Dear President Donald J. Trump, please stop Tweeting. Focus your energy on leading our great nation, not on your next Tweet.

It resulted in a robust discussion, with strong voices in support of the President’s tweets, and those who agreed with me.

So why come out and challenge my President this way?

First up, the President has every right to tweet. One of the frustrations of Presidents over the years is the way they are cocooned, thanks to security, a busy schedule, and layers of well meaning bureaucrats. Trump wants to speak directly to the people he serves. He also states that he wants to sidestep, ‘Fake news’ and get the truth out to the American people without editorial influence.

My issue with President Trump isn’t political, its to do with his character. I am deeply concerned with how he treats others, the way he bullies others and at times abuses folks who dare cross him.

I am deeply bothered with his lies and the way he represents truth to suit himself. He talks endlessly about the scourge of fake news, and yet he constantly makes up reality.

I am utterly shocked by how he is handling white supremacists and neo-nazis.

I am saddened by his inability to get beyond himself, his insecurities and apparent need to be right and liked.

For me at least, leadership is all about character. Leading with love, lifting others up, not being focused on yourself, but on those you serve.

And I don’t see that in President Trump.

Whether Republican or Democrat, I pray for a President who is a person of impeccable character.

10 thoughts on “#Trumptwittertragedy

  1. And who might this person of impeccable
    character be Hillary Clinton, who is in favor of killing babies all the way up to
    birth? No President Trump is not perfect, but he is standing up for the Bibical side of the issues. God used many
    Kings and leaders that he put in place to
    execute his will that were far from perfect, example David. You are not to find this person of impeccable character to run for president. If there were such a person, he would not get voted in.
    You speak of his lies, lies according to whom. The left that is crucifying him?
    What people who take the title of Christian need to do is yes, pray for him,
    But also not constantly run him down. Gods ways are not our ways.


      1. Well, I feel that this pales by comparison to what we have seen from others. I say that if there were a person of impeccable character, they would not be elected, if that by impeccable character it means that they would stand with the Bible on the main issues, the same people that constantly lie about Trump and crucify him daily would do the same to this person. A person that stands on the Word of God, will not be what the media, Hollywood or the left would want elected.
        I know that Trump has his faults, but so would anyone else that would be elected. By looking at who he ran against, there would be more moral issues there for sure.


      2. Obama’s administration did tap his systems…. Uranium One will show how a fake dossier was used to get a FISA warrant…


    1. Do not agree with anything you say. Lots of things you say about Hillary come right off false news. Not fond of Hillary but Trumps attitude and hate mongering terrifies me. He does not care for anyone but himself. Our loss of Medicare, social security being proposed by him will be hard on our children and the older.


  2. Will you strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being?
    Will you seek and serve Christ in all people, loving your neighbor as yourself?

    Thank you, Mark, for living this every day.
    Thank you , Mark, for leading by example.

    May we all do this, with God’s help, and most especially those of us who are given the privilege of leading

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  3. Thank you for writing this. I followed the other post and my only response is to the critics is this… Saying that someone else is worse, or has worse character doesn’t change what Trump is displaying. His behaviors stand on his own merits. Whether Clinton would have been better or worse is irrelevant to the discussion of whether or not Trump’s character is flawed.


  4. Amen!!! Why is Political Party over Religious Value!? The votes should be for moral character over Party BY ALL CHRISTIAN’S!! Rev. 3:15-16 Choose Hot or Cold! If you are lukewarm, God will spew you out of His mouth. I am deeply concerned for the leaders of our church supporting leaders for our Country who do not represent the values we know to be the TRUTHS GOD HAS TAUGHT US TO FOLLOW!! ALL CHRISTIAN’S SHOULD FALL TO THIER KNEES IN PRAYER! GOD NEEDS TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY! 🙏🙏🙏


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