Let me be vulnerable for a moment. I am 46 years old, and with each passing year, I seem to accumulate damaging experiences, painful loss, and unexpected disappointments.

I am all too aware of the fragility of life, frankly, I have discovered that nothing is truly certain.

I see dear friends and family around me struggling with devastating twists and turns in their lives. Natural disasters, debilitating sickness, financial calamity, death, and loss assault those I love.

As I see it, there are two choices I have, that we all have: I can become consumed by the stress, tangled in the pain, held firm by the struggles.

Or I can reach out to God through prayer, through committing to read the Bible, to deal with my sin, and do what I can to serve others.

Really its a choice between seeing my challenges in relation to what I can do for me, and what God can do with me.

This struggling man chooses God. I invite God into every part of my life. I seek your love, your intervention dear Lord.

10 thoughts on “Choice

  1. I have been struggling also , I want to surrender to the Lord and let Him work in me. Why is it so hard to do that? Why do I want to run away, why does have fear, anger and resentment have such a strong grip on me?


  2. Dear Rev. Mark:
    Thank you so much for sharing from your heart the truth, you have helped me and encouraged me to love, trust and put all my faith in the LORD. I thank God for you and Christi and pray for you, Christi, and your family. Even though you lost a child; we did too, one of our twin daughters was murdered in 2012 and I have been so encouraged by how much Glory you and Christi’s lives give to the LORD in your sorrow and what has come out of your tragedy that gives life to everyone! Thank you for the awesome privilege of being joined to you and Christi!


  3. Almost deleted this, but God knew I needed to read and embrace this. He’s certainly works through you Rev. Brown. Thank you.


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