Somewhere in the middle

On the radio show yesterday, ‘A Show of Faith’, we talked about faith, and how we can tell that God acts in our lives. We talked about the importance of trust, trusting that God is acting.
As we talked, it occurred to me that how we go about trusting depends on our style of church, our theology. For some, the church provides the authority that helps build trust in God acting in our lives. Others, the Bible is the authority. For some, it’s the Holy Spirit, offering direct inspiration.
If the authority is the Bible, then we will hear church folks often say, ‘lets test that against the Word.’
Whereas if its the church, we will hear something like, ‘what does the Bishop think’, or, ‘what is the church position on that?’
Though if its the Holy Spirit, it’s likely we will hear, ‘God is telling me…’
My thought is that the truth is somewhere in the middle of these three approaches. That God builds trust in Him through the Bible, the Holy Spirit and through the churches teaching. It’s about seeking all three in our walk, so as to build confidence and trust that God is indeed part of our life.

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