Verse: But you, LORD, do not be far from me. You are my strength; come quickly to help me. Psalm 22:19

Prayer: Lord, I need your help, give me strength Lord, help me face the challenges in my life.

Action:  Who in your life needs help today?  Reach out to them and ask how you might help them.


Please leave your prayer request, questions or thoughts in the comments, and please share!


18 thoughts on “Strength

  1. Hi Rev. Mark I would love to stay in touch by letter, email or phone. Thank you for inspiring & thoughtful messages during your time on social media, you blessed thousands.

    Have a most blessed day.

    Blessings to you my brother in Christ,

    Sean Salinas Drummer at The Ark Church 832.441.4026

    Sent from the iPhone of the one they call Sean



  2. Hello Mark I am so glad you are still here . You are awesome and I really need these messages. Please keep me in prayer as I try to get to see my four grandchildren I have joint custody of with their aunt but she refuses to let me see them. Their father shot my daughter in march and then jumped off the Mississippi bridge killing himself too. I have joint custody of my grandchildren with me oldest daughter in Louisiana. I need to get it domestic to Georgia to get it in forced. I am on fix income so I am have trouble finding attorneys to help. But my God has wisdom and knowledge of how to help me please pray.


  3. Please lift up the DaVault-Biggs Family. Brian Biggs was killed in a motorcycle accident on 06/14/18. He leaves behind his wife of 32yrs Diana, two sons Nick and Luke along with brothers and a sister. I also ask for guidence as I continue the path as a new Christian. Thank yuand God bless


  4. Please pray for housemate is unkind to me and I don’t feel safe w her anymore..she hasn’t been around for awhile thankfully…I cannot live w someone that I do not trust. I hope that I won’t have to.


  5. Reverend Brown, thank you so much for maintaining your blog, and especially for today’s post! I had an unexpected emergency come up that I needed the Lord’s strength to deal with, and your post was a great and timely reminder!


  6. Amazing thank you please pray for Fernanda who has cancer of the brain lungs and Breast For God Knows the Plans he has for us , no questions of why this has happened we pray for peace and comfort of pain over fernanda


      1. Thank you so much I so look forward to seeing your messages thank you very much God Bless
        Wendy Elliott


  7. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord and saviour. You and your wife are a blessing to me. I always pray for you and your family. But this time i am asking for prayer I work in long term care as a care giver in Canada I am called a PSW in the states you guys call them CNA i think. Anyways i am being bullied at work and set up i know Gods in control but it is hard cause i just started this job. I put on the whole armour of God every day and I know I am his hands and feet but I am feeling a little week to day thank you for your prayers.


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