Want to grow your faith? Breath more.

My desire is to serve God more and to see more of Him working in my life. To assist this, I understand the importance of reading the Bible, of praying, confessing my sin and serving others.

This is an admirable list and certainly doing them will help, but there is something missing – breathing.

Let me explain. For me at least, the two major blocks to focusing on my faith are sin and distractions.

In this post I want to focus on distractions. My life is full of an endless stream of distractions, thanks to my smartphone, laptop, watch, iPad, etc., all of which keep me constantly removed from all of the life happening around me. It is incredibly hard to focus or to remain on one topic for more than a few minutes. We have become an attention-deficit-society, always chasing the next dopamine hit.

I have my smartphone with me always and my other devices are never too far away. I find myself regularly checking for texts, emails, notifications, and likes (seeking instant gratification), all of which distract me endlessly.

It’s in part why I left social media. For me, as of yesterday, there is no more Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It’s an attempt to reduce the distraction so that I can spend more time in the present, better focusing on the people I am with and on God.

So I have a idea, I think we need to breath more.

We need to pause, take a deep, long breath, and pray (hopefully free of distractions). But don’t just pray. Take the time to read the Bible, to confess and deal with sins, and to serve others much more intentionally.

I am calling it a, ‘Deep Breath Moment’. I stop what I am doing, turn the sound off on my smartphone, and place it screen down. I then find a comfortable position and take several deep breaths, slowly drawing in the air to my lungs, holding it briefly, then exhaling as slowly as possible. After that I pray, read, deal with my sin, or work out how I might help another. If I continue to be distracted, I repeat the exercise, taking more deep breaths.

Though distractions will always be present, how we respond to them can change:

Focusing on God, on faith, and on serving others will transform your life and the lives of others around you. So, I invite you to try a Deep Breath Moment. My prayer for you is that it helps you as it has helped me.

7 thoughts on “Want to grow your faith? Breath more.

  1. I, too, have moved away from social media, as I found it took up 80% of my day, everyday..I am now breathing in the fresh air God has given me, and I am seeing the world like He wants me too. I got the inspiration of quitting social network from you, so I thank you and I thank God for inspiring me through you..let’s pray for one another that we achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and pray that God keeps moving through us to do His work..God bless you and Kristie


  2. This is right where I’m at at the moment, picked up my phone instead of the bible and then read this email. Think I better go have a moment. Thanks Mark

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