Do what is good.

Verse: ‘Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.’ Romans 12:9

Prayer: Lord, remind me, reveal to me every day to hate what is evil and to focus on serving you and doing good.

Action: What behaviors or actions are you doing right now that are not good and need to be changed? Make the decision to do all you can to turn away from them.

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7 thoughts on “Do what is good.

  1. Fr. Mark,
    Please pray for Rosie Reese. She is my step mom and hanging on to life by a thread. She has been in the hospital since 6/12/18.
    This is a beautiful verse to begin the work week.


  2. Please pray for my son … he is quitting drinking for good and he is in the hospital for detoxing off alcohol and also has a very high fever . Keep him in your prayers ..


  3. Amen please pray for Fernanda all her children have flown in to see her as the cancer in the brain has caused complications and Pain we pray for this family in this sad Time amen


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