In honor of Judah

When Judah died, one thing I felt strongly was to keep Judah’s memory alive and to honor him.  Through the Judah Brown Project, Judah’s legacy shines bright, focused on much-needed water safety awareness.

Today is a big day in this quest as the Houston Chronicle published a front-page article on my boy Judah and the Judah Brown Project!  To read the online article click here:  ARTICLE or to read a pdf of the physical paper click on ‘swim article’ below…

swim article

9 thoughts on “In honor of Judah

  1. I never knew the specifics concerning your son, Judah before. You & your family are amazing people. You do so much to help others! We thank-you so much for giving so much to others! We love you so! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Besides praying is there anything else I can do for you & your family?


  2. Mark Judah is always in my thoughts you are amazing you always offer prays for everyone Mark I did ask you to pray for Fernanda , her boys all flew in to south africa yesterday morning from all over the world to be with her she passed away at midnight last night we are all so greatful that she saw her children and spent quailty time with them thank you for your kind prays
    Love you your precious family and thank you for you Mark
    Kind regards wendy elliott


  3. Pastor, I am so sorry to hear about Judah! There is no greater pain than having to bury a child! I buried both of my Sons! One was an infant, the other was 37! I am looking forward to joining them in Heaven! The grief is so horrible! It never goes away! I will keep you and your family on my prayer list! Mary


  4. Until you meet Judah again in heaven, may God continue to give strength and healing to you and your family.
    I will share this article to honor your Judah.
    Love to you all

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