How can I pray for you?

Today I will spend time in the small chapel where I work, praying for those dear to me.

How might I pray for you, include you in my prayers?

Leave your prayer need below.

57 thoughts on “How can I pray for you?

  1. Hi Mark,
    I have severe plaque psoriasis that covers my arms and legs. I’m asking for Gods healing please.
    God Bless you!


  2. Praying for patience for dealing with our current administrations ideas and repeals.
    Please keep Al in your prayers during his still brave fight against pancreatic cancer. In Jesus name Amen.
    Have a wonderful day Mark
    Lauren and Al


  3. Bless you pastor mark, i’ve been keen to see your posts since 2011. Would you pray that my heart turns back to Jesus, that doubt and unbelief would surrender to faith? May God’s grace be greater than all my sin! And there is a lot of sin right now.

    God bless you, christi and your children. Love and peace to you. Pastor mark


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  4. Please continue to pray for me to keep our Lord and Savior first and foremost as my steep and deep valley continues downward.
    As alway – i give thanks to God for bringing you and your ministry into our lives!
    I continue to to keep you, your family, and your ministry in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Please pray that my husband real estate business will grow and prosper financially and that he will give God the honor and praise and thankfulness he deserves. It has been quite awhile.


  6. Fr. Mark,
    Please pray for my step mom who is in Comfort Care: her name is Rosie Reese. Pray also for the family of Rosie Reese. Blessings to you Fr. Mark.


  7. Thank you so much for offering to pray. My husband and I are working to rebuild our marriage after he had an affair with a co-worker. We have four young children together, and have been married for 19 years. We don’t want to lose each other, but have a challenging journey ahead. Prayers would be much appreciated. Thank you.


  8. Good day, have had numerous resumes sent out and a few interviews but nothing landed. I truly have faith but very scared nothing will open up. Funds are dwindling. Praying for encouragement and gods mercy. Thank you mark. How can I pray for you?


  9. Hello Rev Mark. Thanks for your time and commitment to God and us. My prayer request is for my husband and nephew for salvation. They are good country guys who need Jesus. I had cancer 21 years ago now some things are not right with my health plz pray for healing. Thanks for you service. Love you and your sweet family


  10. Hi Mark!

    I am in need of a job immediately. Unable to pay bills and only $5 to my name.

    Thank you for always being here for me! You, Christi and sweet children are always in my prayers.


  11. We were chosen to adopt a little girl that was due t be born last week from an undocumented momma here in Texas. The birth mom has disappeared and we don’t know what has happened. Please pray for peace and that a God brings our Sara home.


  12. Unspoken request, healing, finances, salvation and healing of friends and relatives, thank you, God bless. Also for people to do the work needed at my home


  13. Please pray for my finances. I’m not bringing enough income home. Pray I find the energy to find and work a part time job. Please pray for my health. I have an infected tooth that needs to be pulled. I’m also have horrible body pains and having trouble walking. I’m afraid for my health and finances


  14. Please pray for my 14 year old grandson, he has what they describe as profound anxiety. Thank you for your prayers, you are a wonderful man of God. 🙂
    God Bless you and your family 💙


  15. Please pray for our finance. Years ago i signed a cintract for a holiday club. The bond of R85,000.00 fully paid, but I cant afford to pay the monthly premium. Please pray that i get a buyer to take over my contract. Im going on pensiin and can loosd all my pension money in courg if i cant geg a buyer to take it from me. I believe God will send me a Buyer. I believe.
    Mark everg time you & Christi praying for me the Lord sent a huge outcome. Please continue to Pray for people, dong give up. My Prayers also covering yoj and your family.
    Christa from South Africa


  16. I just now got this so I hope its not to late to ask. I need prayers for loneliness and depression. Also for a medical issue. Please pray things get better for me. I feel like I am barely holding on. I want to move but don’t have much money and not a good job. Lost my best friend due to death. I am so alone.


  17. Mark,
    I have been diagnosed with melanoma )very dangerous & spreads) on my face & have surgery Friday (7/20) at 9 AM to cut it out. Praise the Lord that the doctors did a biopsy as protocol was not to do one! Please pray that God orchestrated everything, all cancer is removed, I trust him & am fully repentant, & He receives Complete Praise, Honor, and Glory! Jeff Smith (former Tyndale Bible Team member). Thank you very much!


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