Pray with much less distraction.

A strong faith cannot happen without an ability to block out the noise and focus on God.  We are drenched with endless distractions aided by our phones, from social media to online shopping to the ever-present email.


It is incredibly hard to push aside distractions and focus on one thing.  All around us our environment draws us away from ourselves, from God, through a forest of billboards and signage demanding our focus.

Linda Stone coined the phrase, ‘Continuous Partial Attention’, where we are focused on numerous information channels all at once, keen to not miss anything, but end up missing everything.  We struggle to dive deep, to hold a thought longer than a minute as something else catches our eye.

We chase the next Dopamine hit, rushing through life; one part avoidance of some unresolved issue, one part fear of missing out.

So here is what I suggest, both for me and for you: make the decision to find a place of no distraction.  A quiet place with your phone, your smartwatch set aside, a notification free zone.  Listen to your breathing, invite God to be present. Offer, ‘come Holy Spirit, come’.

Focus only on God.  ‘Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near;’  (Isaiah 55:6-7).  Don’t rush.  Slow your thoughts down, allow God to be present.  Pray with much less distraction.

4 thoughts on “Pray with much less distraction.

  1. This actually makes me eager and happy! We, as in church people, feel led to pray in the mornings before sunrise at my church. So we do that. When I go, I take only myself and key to my car inside. It’s very reverent. You can pray boldly out loud, to yourself or however, but pray. I don’t focus on anything else except Jesus and thanking Him and praying for others who come to my mind during the time. I very much appreciate the time for there. It makes my day go better knowing I prayed with saints of God! Thank you for the encouraging words!!!

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