We are at our finest when..

With the help of her friend she carefully made her way to the alter rail.  Her stiff joints causing her to grimace as she kneels to receive the bread and the wine. But the pain consuming her isn’t physical but emotional.  That prior evening her husband of more than 50 years died suddenly.

She came to church to be with her community, those beautiful souls ready to hug her, hold her hand and be present in her grief, her shock.  As I approached her with the bread, I heard her whisper to her friend, ‘please don’t leave me, I can’t be alone right now.’ Her friend drew closer to her holding her hand, assuring her she wasn’t alone.

Before I gave her the bread, I hugged her and offered, ‘God is indeed with you right now.’ God is with her through these wonderful church people gathering around her, loving her in her pain.

We are at our finest when we not only see the pain in others but we lovingly act to help the struggling.  Society is at its finest when collectively we care for those cast aside, the foreign, the marginalized, the poor.

God’s love is displayed through our love, our action.

May my life proclaim God’s love unhindered by my selfish desires.

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