Do you need someone to pray for you?

One of the best parts of my day is when I take some time to pray.  I have a list of incredible people I pray for each day, bringing their struggle, their need before the Lord.

I invite you to join my list.  If you would like me to pray for you, please leave your prayer request in the comments below.

God bless,

Rev Mark


42 thoughts on “Do you need someone to pray for you?

  1. Yes please prayer for health problems for me my husband my children my family and for unity for my side of the family and for my mum that all chains are broken between us and we unite again and that they all come to know GOD and be saved aswell.

    Also for my older children my son and daughter to be saved in Jesus name. To be guided and given strength to be given grave mercy favor to have the right people around them to progress further in life to handle life the right way.

    Thank you Rev Mark


  2. Please pray for several friends/family that need healing. 3 friends with heart issues, a friend with diabetes, a friend with ALS, and my son with a torn muscle going in for surgery this coming month.


  3. I need prayer daily this world is getting hard for me but I’m not really asking prayer for myself right now but if you would please pray for a friend of mine his grandson who is about 6 year’s old fell in a pool and drowned he’s in the Hosp brain dead if you Will please keep him and his family in prayer would appreciate it Thanks


  4. Our son Reed is living in Conroe, is currently in the middle of a divorce and trying to gain custody of his sons. He has always been both mother and father to them. He can provide the most stable environment for them, but his wife wants to hang on to them for monetary reasons.


  5. Good day rev mark brown,
    For the past two years I have been working on my credit because of a divorce in is going good except for one thing on it that is not suppose to be in my credit at all. Please pray it gets removed as well as my financial status last November I was in a car accident the person hit me I was in bad shape please pray my settlement is granted. Pray for my daughter and the ones I love with good health wealth and protect them from evil as well as myself. I asked that you pray for her to do good in school for high school all the days and two years she has left. Thank you and bless you and your family


  6. Please pray for my Dad who has Parkinsons. We plan to bring him home after a temporary nursing home stay. We need to get his medications back on track. Please also pray for my Mom who is his caregiver. Thank you!


  7. Please pray for financies. I have been seperated from my husband for 3 mo due to his work he is in WI and i am in ohio. trying to save money to move there. . Satan is throwing alot of curve balls are way. and i am trying to what on the LOrds timing but i am finding myself getting more and more depressed. thank u and bless u. Shontel


  8. I don’t want to ask for prayers for myself but for some friends and family. I ask for my mom to find health and peace. my uncle to recover from his health issues, my oldest child to have a smooth transition to high school. and for my friend B and her husband and children to find the strength, health, finances and support they need at this time of difficulty in their lives.


  9. Gosh I have so many requests it seems lately. For my sons Justin and Nate, for finances so I can return to school ( I would so love to pursue a doctorate), for my work, husbands work, and my health. Thank you for praying for me and my family.


  10. Hey Pastor Mark
    I am going through a situation right now with no job and trying to find one is making me stressed, depressed, and anxious. Also having issues during the interview process with trying to remember the answers to the questions. Praying for peace and mental clarity …and to get a job



  11. Thank you mark, may the grace and peace of the Lord surround you, christy, and your children. In desperate need of coming back to the Lord from persistent sin with alcohol and lust. May my heart return to the Lord and faith arise by the Holy Spirit. I’ve rebelled greatly, and have done evil and I want and need a repentant heart. Thank you!


  12. Rev Mark, will you pray for my son Dewey? He is currently working in the oilfield. There is the threat of H2S gas along with the other dangers of working in and around a rig. Most oil field workers are on drugs because of the very long hours. My son is having to ride to work with those who are really tired and on meth to stay awake. They travel along a highway named “death highway” because so many are getting killed on it. I have given it to The Lord and my friends and family pray for him and his safety. I was hoping that you would pray for him as well.

    Thank you,



  13. For my family and my relationship with God. I undergoing radiation, prayers needed for strength while undergoing treatment


  14. Will you please pray for my Grandson Donovan? He’s been in the hospital a few days now. This was a sudden thing. Below is the update from my daughter saying what is going on. Thanks. From my Granddaughter:

    Hey friends and family, don’t really post too much personal business but asking for as many prayers and positive energy we can get. My little brother Donovan has been sick for a few days and back in the hospital now. Had a fever of 107, delirious, uncoordinated, can’t recognize his parents or even what’s going on. I’ve never seen my brother like this , ever . Currently waiting for spinal tap and CT scan results back. He has swelling on the brain and memory loss. Is diagnosed with Meningoencephalitis Thank you. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    *UPDATE* from my daughter. Please keep praying. My Grandson is only 15 and this hit him overnight.

    Just met with the team. The new EEG still shows no sign of seizures. His left temporal lobe is where he is affected the most. One of the things they were looking for was whether it was just the lining of the brain (meninges) that was affected or if it was the brain as well. The meninges protects the brain and unfortunately the infection is in both the meninges and the brain. His parietal lobe is showing minuscule traces of infection as well. He isn’t progressing as much as they would hope for someone so young and healthy.

    The results from the initial spinal tap should come in today. Unfortunately there is no fluid left over from the original tap so it looks like of they need further testing he will get that today. They also want to run a new IV. The IV he has now is a Peripheral IV which is most commonly used. Its near his wrist and he will not leave it alone. It’s a constant struggle to get him to not pull it out. They going to put in a Midline Catheter IV today which is higher up on the arm and more appropriate for patients needing an IV for a long period of time.

    He drank a little supplement today but is losing weight rapidly and I can see his rib cage and his face is looking more gaunt. I offered him a slice of strawberry which he loves but he said I’m good and refused to open his mouth. The order is put in for the feeding tube. They didn’t place it yesterday as planned because they were sure how it might affect his EEG. I’m waiting to meet with the head neurologist because I want to know if there has been further damage with his brain activity, if its the sames, or if there is possible progress. Unfortunately, he appears to have regressed so much to me. I was warned that this was to be expected and it could be a roller coaster. Roller Coasters are my favorite ride but I’d like off this one NOW!

    He seems more alert today then yesterday but not nearly as responsive as he was on Saturday. He has a CNA assigned inside his room 24/7 due to his size and irritability with the IVs. Additionally there is nurse assigned just to him while sits right outside the room and is able to check stats etcs. I observed that he is much more agitated and combative with male nurses and CNAs. He especially doesn’t like them to touch him or try and help change bedding etc. He’s much kinder and calm to female nurses. Most recently any young, blonde ones. I think they remind him of my little sister who was here Saturday and Sunday and who he’s had the most conversation with. The charge nurse has been made aware of my concerns.

    The ups and downs are very hard to bear and exhausting. I don’t know where my energy has come from except pure love for my sweet boy. I took an hour and a half break yesterday and walked in the park near the hospital. I plan to do the same today but like to wait until late afternoon when his team has gone home and all testing and meetings are done.

    I pray, cross my fingers, wish on stars, and make deals with God constantly just so he can pull through and be the kind soul he’s always been.


  15. Yes, please! Please continue to pray for our Sophia, please pray for a good cardiologist report for my husband, Bobby, and please pray that we will be able to purchase a home at the end of the year. I know God has this in his hands and I know you’re prayers are such a blessing. Thank you again for all you do and continued prayers for you and your precious family. God bless you!

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  16. Hi Pastor Mark, I have two prayer request the first is for healing my ankle and foot are swollen, after a visit to the clinic and ER and over $1k later they still don’t know the cause. My 2nd prayer request is for my daughter, she has decided at this stage in her life she wants to stop dating guys now because(she is a junior in college) she is in love with a girl now and they have been together for quite a while, I have only recently been told this (the girl is a preachers daughter) as a Christian I am struggling with this whole thing. She said she felt God was telling her it’s ok…I told her no, that was satan. I love my daughter but not the sin. I am heartbroken over this. Thank you


  17. I’m starting a new job in a couple of weeks. Please pray that I am able to handle the work, that I can be a dependable, kind, and responsible caregiver, especially during the transitional period. Thank you, friend.


  18. I’m having a terrible time with grief since the passing of my husband Kevin on April 10, 2018. Asking for prayer for restoration, peace, healing from depression, anxiety and deliverance from sinful thoughts. I also ask for prayer for God’s best for me in life and quickly. I’m fearful and afraid I’m running out of time. Losing Kevin has caused me to look at death differently, as I also lost my very best girlfriend to complications of Type 1 diabetes just 2 months after losing my husband. My lifelines are gone and I’m just so sad about it all, Rev Mark.


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