How to pray when you are tired

If you are like me, you are pulled in many different directions.  Your day is full it seems, from the moment you are rudely awoken by the alarm, to when you lay in bed trying to catch some sleep at the end of a maxed out day .

A constant flurry of chores, expectations, and lists swarm around, and its inevitable I will be tired and possibly will forget to pray.   Prayer shouldn’t be just another chore, yet another box to tick, it should be more natural, something I do rather than I have to do.

So how do you pray when you are tired?

First, you have to see the enormous benefit of praying.  See it as a gentle moment of intimate communication with God. A time to share your concerns, your joy as well as the needs of others. It is a consistent way I am reminded of how much I need God.  As I share struggles through prayer, I am stating, ‘Lord I need you, we need you.’  When we see the value of prayer, it will become much more a natural part of our day.

Second, don’t rush prayer.  Don’t see it as some sort of task filler, something you cram into the short time between your many tasks.  Take your time.  Breath, slow the pace down – pray gently.

Third, don’t be embarrassed to pray with others.  Whether before a meal, when a difficult challenge arises such as when a friend shares a struggle they face.  Ask them if you can pray for them at the moment.  Make prayer a priority.

So as you read this, take a moment to pray.  If you need prayer, share a comment below and I as well as others will take a moment to pray for you.



11 thoughts on “How to pray when you are tired

  1. Sometimes, praying comes so easy, other times it’s hard. I’ve found that when my days are unusually trying it’s harder to connect with God, based on if I’ve handled the problem issues with the grace I know I should or with the frustration brought by the situation. If my frustration has won that day, I feel so distant from God. I hate feeling that way, yet I cannot seem to conquer feeling frustrated and, instead, let grace be the way I deal.

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  2. Praying when I am tired tends to mean that if isn’t a time of stationary reflection. It is the time when I most need an active conversation with God to pull Him back into every strand of my life, not just my designated ‘quiet times’

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  3. I struggle with prayer and feel awkward. As a new Christian I’m trying to get to know my God I often talk to him when I’m washing up collecting the children from school I was recently challenged on this at a confrence with Isabel allum who’s amazing I’m trying to connect in New ways


  4. Hi Mark,     Will you please pray for my husband. He came home on September 2nd from being gone 25 days for work ( He’s a photographer & has a contract with PetSence to do their part pictures) He got in at 2am & we went to bed, got up to go to church & he told me that he is leaving me. We have been married 24 years now & the only reason he will give is that he is no longer happy. I have tried to talk to him, but he refuses to talk, that his mind is made up. He is still in our home because we can not afford for him to move out. I still love him & am in love with him. He says he loves me, but he’s not in love with me. This is breaking my heart. I have tried to be a good wife for him. Please pray that God will change his heart & mind, I do not want to lose my husband. Thank you, Karen

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  5. Pastor plz pray for my husband he is suffering from right side pain in stomach doctor had guess may b it is appendix or stone plz pray that report will b normal after all the tests plz His name is Kiran tamang


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