God’s love is like a boomerang 

IMG_5531At the end of my sermon yesterday I offered the words, ‘I love you.  Through my actions may God’s love be displayed.’  I really mean it.  I yearn for my life be a beacon to God’s magnificent love.

Particularly in these times, where hatred, anger, political tribalism, and abuse seem to clog up the news. It seems our message of God’s love is desperately needed.

But it cannot just be talk.  God’s love is like a boomerang.  If a boomerang is never used, its basically a bent stick. But throw it into the wind and it becomes a magnificent, graceful returning projectile.  In the same way, if we don’t love others, put our love into action, it’s pointless.

So act, don’t allow yourself to become spiritually lazy.  Be thoughtful, intentional about how you can express God’s love through your actions.  Message someone the promise of praying for them, then pray for them.  Volunteer at your church or an agency that helps the poor and those in crisis.  Stand-up for those who are powerless and marginalized. Be generous with your money and your time.  Buy gifts for others, donate to the church and those agencies whose mission is dear to your heart. Tell your pastor and those that support you, how much you appreciate them.  Be open to the prompting and the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Don’t be a stick, be a boomerang.



4 thoughts on “God’s love is like a boomerang 

  1. Thank you Rev. Mark. Actions do speak volumes. I’m going to throw my boomerang and hope it returns.

    Blessings to you, Christie and all your kids.


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