A Wondrous, Disturbing Dream

I rarely recall my dreams. This morning I was woken by my dream in a state of intense grief. 

I was in a shopping area and at a distance I saw a tiny boy crouching down exploring something on the ground. It was Judah. As I walked over to him, I realized I had been so busy that I hadn’t spent time with him. This saddened me. 

I held him in my arms and he made eye contact with me with his sweet blue eyes. Then he would look down, then up again. Like he was incredibly happy to be held by me, but a little shy as it had been a while.

As I realized I was with Judah, my logical brain kicked in, dissolving this beautiful moment with my son, gripping me with grief. 

It was wonderful to be with him in that dream place, but made my transition to reality brutally hard. 

Lord have mercy on all those who grieve.

4 thoughts on “A Wondrous, Disturbing Dream

  1. I had a similar dream about being with my father again. I can remember starting to wake up but fighting it because i didn’t want to let go of the beautiful memory of being with him again. To this day I treasure that dream and wonderful feeling of being with him.

    Diane Mihalik

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  2. Praying for you.
    I believe the Lord is embracing Judah in this same way. I pray you feel today the embrace of your Father that deeply desires to bring you His comfort and peace. In Jesus name.

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  3. Grace, peace and comfort to you β€” and thank you to God for this beautiful, amazing gift of a few moments reunited with your son. May God continue to bless you.

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