How Amazon might ruin the church

‪I predict that within 5 years many chain retail stores will be closed. ‬

And within 10 years most malls will have closed.

Brick and mortar retail just can’t compete.

This will have a profound effect on society as we interact in person much less.

There is also serious economic consequences as the concentration of wealth continues to consolidate to a handful of mega companies such as Amazon.

The church must take note of this trend away from physically interactive shopping to the domination of the online retail experience.

Church at its sociological core is the same as retail. Each relies on personal interactions based around friendliness and trust. As folks move from retail, could we see a flow on to physical church attendance?

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, church attendance has edged down in recent years. Gallup’s latest yearly update from its daily tracking survey shows that in 2017, 38% of adults said they attended religious services weekly or almost every week. When Gallup began asking this question in 2008, that figure was 42%.

The trend appears to be continuing south.

I am not suggesting the reason for this 4% drop was online shopping, but I do wonder if the move away from physically interactive shopping might have a flow on to church attendance, thus accelerating the downward trend?

As an early adopter and advocate for the church adopting an online strategy and getting involved in cyberspace, I am convinced we the church must do websites, video streaming and social media exceptionally well. To ignore it or under perform is to miss out on an extraordinary interactive platform.

We must prioritize online communication channels otherwise quite possibly risk losing touch and tumbling into a church that is a small club filled with reminiscing members clinging onto the past.

5 thoughts on “How Amazon might ruin the church

  1. In my hometown in England our local Christian bookstore that was on the high Street had to close because of monetary problems. However I moved into our church and partners with us now. So we’re bucking the trend of closure and advocating renewal by still being a presence in the community. Not only that but our church is open 7 days a week so outreach and ministry is able to work hand in hand with a Christian Book Supplier. Amazon does have a grip but when people turn away and support these ideas with their feet, money and passion then they will eventually prevail.

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  2. How does online church or even church on tv play into this? We are not getting out in the cold and rain this morning and watching online. We are regular church attendees.


  3. I’ve been hearing about the Catholic Church for a few times through the years. This week we hear about the southern Baptist’s with the same things going on! Seems like the Baptist shouldn’t be casting stones! And always bringing up liberals! After crying many times in church we finally left this mega church & went to a non denomination right around the corner from our house! Wonder why so many are leaving the church? I see why! I thank the Lord Jesus for his love & mercy!!


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