For those struggling…

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I would love to pray for you! Please leave your prayer requests in the comments.

22 thoughts on “For those struggling…

  1. Please pray for my marriage & our family. My husband is wanting to leave our family & to no longer be married.. and his affection is geared towards someone else although he says there’s no one. Please pray for healing in our marriage & for is to be surrounded by people that could help us draw closer to God, to each other as husband & wife & as a family. Thank you.

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      1. Amen! Thank you and please pray for my husband. He is working very hard and it’s very stressful. Please pray that he will get someone hired to help take some of the stress off of him and please pray that he remains healthy through all this stress and long hours! Thank you and God bless you and all you do!

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  2. Hi Mark
    My grown up son who has autism and the mental age of around a 3 year old, is moving into supported living on April 1st. This was not something I wanted to do but his day service closed and I was given the option of supported living or nothing. I feel that I should be greatful, but in reality i’m Just angry and resentful and still not sure that I’m doing the right thing.
    Please pray that God will give me peace about this decision if it’s the best one for my son and that he will comfort and be near to Iain as he leaves home.
    Thank you

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  3. Please pray for me one of my best friends from high school dead to alcohol last Sunday night he just turned 28 the day before lord heal his broken heart of mine

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  4. Trials seem to be flooding from all angles at one time for the last 2 months. Health, financial, isolation and discouragement. We have been praying for a daughter who is embroiled in a sinful life style and this seems to have occurred when I started to sense some peace that God had her in His hands. It is *almost* comical that if one thing begins to steady, another new trial begins. Unfortunately, the health issues are long term unless the Lord intervenes. I don’t know that we’ve ever had a season like this. With the massive heartache in the world, our trials seem so petty, but they don’t feel like it. Thank you for your intercession.

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  5. Mark – Please pray for my friend Holly who’s dealing with breast cancer & it’s symptoms. Thank-you SO much! Prayers for you & your family.


  6. Please pray for my two adult children and myself. My son will be released from a treatment facility April 9th. He has been diagnosed as Schizophrenic with bipolar disorder and has spent the last 5 months in treatment after spending 7 months in the HC jail. He has worked hard to recapture his life. We know the real test will come when he is free to make his choices. Also, my daughter suffers from attachment disorder. She acknowledges she has problems but will not seek help. As their mother, I constantly pray for our Lotd’ s guidance. She doesn’t understand just how deeply she hurts me and honestly herself. Please pray for my family. I pray that they will allow the Lord into their lives and seek his strength.

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  7. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I will be praying Ps 46:1 today. This is the Hebrew month of Adar II, which is a celebration of double joy and double strength from the Lord. I need God to be my everpresent strength to help me be the wife and mom I am called to be in the midst of a health crisis. I am dealing with severe anemia, likely due to malabsorption. Pray the Lord speeds my recovery of digestive function so I can thrive and not just survive.


  8. Please pray for my husband, we lost our eldest son on 28 Feb to cancer and my husband is really struggling with the grief… I feel so hopeless by not being able to help him, while going through this myself… I have peace in my heart but wish I could pass the peace on to him instead.

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