God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 

Psalm 46:1-3

In our family devotion time this past Sunday, I shared the importance of calling out to God when we are struggling.  We talked about prayer, of worship and of being aware that God is with us. I specifically asked them to think of an example where they are struggling, and how they could apply what we were talking about.  We went really practical.  Should we pray?  How would we worship God in the face of the struggle?  What exactly should we do?

This practical intentionality is really important.  We can get caught up in fancy quotes and pointless platitudes, but what we need to do is ground God’s Word in our life.  How does this verse practically play out in my own life?

PPI – Practice practical intentionality.  Make the Bible real in our reality.


Rev Mark Brown

3 thoughts on “Practical

  1. When I was teaching at a religious school that was exactly what I wanted the kids to internalize. Make the BIBLE real. The Apostles were real guys and had real faults and problems just like us. If we find spirituality real we can fit it in our lives.

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