I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.  

John 13:34

Every three or so months I have breakfast with an incredible Pastor. This amazing man has been in ministry for 44 years.  His passion and drive have not waned; he still loves preaching God’s Word and loving God’s people. As well as a church pastor, he is an early church historian, often leading tours of Rome where he brings to life the history of the early church.  He reminded me that the church stretches back thousands of years.  We are products of a rich history of women and men of faith who have struggled with life, wrestled with their beliefs and worshipped God in a multitude of ways.  From prisons to palaces, involving a few to many millions, from grand, life changing acts of kindness to simple acts of friendship, Christianity has thrived throughout the ages.

Which is why today, I recognize Maundy Thursday.  This ancient practice stretches back to 381, 1,638 year ago! It is a moment to bring to mind the Last Supper and to be thankful for Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.   For in that wondrous act, Christ loved us so that we might be free to ‘love one another’.  

As I reflect on Christ’s sacrifice, I am inspired to grow my love for others. To be gentle, thoughtful and generous.

Rev Mark Brown

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