Yesterday we spent time in the forest, or what Australians call the bush. We briefly left the built up, noisy city and found ourselves surrounded in quiet, except for the wildlife and the rustle of the trees from the gentle breeze.

God’s creation is incredible! So much in life will drag me down, pummel me; being surrounded in God’s magnificent creation soothes. I feel recalibrated.

Where do you go to re-charge? What do you do?

7 thoughts on “Recalibrated

  1. When the snow is gone and our green summer comes I like to sit on my deck in the early am with a cup of coffee listen to the birds the train whistles as they travel through about a mile away. I love to listen to the water trickling from the fountain into the pond in the front. Yard. It surely does refresh our minds, hearts and souls. It is a good thing. Blessings. I am sharing my nephews webpage who lives with us below. He is a blessing as well.

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  2. Mark,

    Nice photo of you in the forest. Back here in Pennsylvania we call it the woods. It’s all the same though. So you asked, “Where do you go to re-charge? What do you do?”

    This is the place for me. It’s known as The Hartstown Swamp. It’s designated as “State Game Lands” where you can hunt, fish or just take a walk down the old Erie Canal Tow Path.

    Back in the 1800’s Mule Teams pulled barges along these pathways to move freight between towns along the canal. My father and I spent a lot of time fishing from either his canoe or along the canal bank.

    Hartstown itself is quite small. Years ago it had one gas station and across the street a “Mom and Pop” sandwich shop and grocery store. Both of them are gone now. But God‘s beauty still remains as stunning as ever. A peaceful and wonderful place to recharge!

    I do hope you have a good day. And thank you for posting 🙂


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  3. I don’t have my own transportation so I have to find a way to recharge without driving anywhere, although I use to sit next to the ocean for hours. Regardless of the weather, I could sit & pray or be still for hours. Today I am having a garden built & I will sit & watch bees, and butterflies. I will watch God’s miracles & nourish my soul.

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