Order out of Chaos

Saturday morning I sit on my porch surrounded by the Cicada’s cacophonous choir. In the background is the gentle hum of a distant lawnmower.

My vista, a swath of neatly cut grass with an island of brick ringed mulch, a small tree standing tall in its midst.

Two cars sit clean in the driveway which leads to a neat, carefully planned road. The neighbors American flag flutters in the gentle breeze as the Houston heat creeps towards a September high of 95.

I sip my coffee mainly to avoid a Saturday headache after a working week of dedicated caffeine consumption. There is peace.

But is there order? Wild uncertainty curtailed? Mostly illusional, but enough order to give some sense of control over the maelstrom of life.

The presentation of order around us can sometimes be enough. But still, we need God, who created order out of chaos, not once but now.

Oh how we need God.

4 thoughts on “Order out of Chaos

  1. Yes Lord we /I need You so badly. Please hear me and answer in Your way as You have always done. Thank You Jesus in advance. Please let next week be easier both physically and mentally. I love You my precious Lord. Thank You

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  2. Yes, we need You God! We don’t even know how much we need You! You know all & see all. You protect us from people & things we know nothing of. You are always right there with us & yet we so often forget you & try to fight our battles on our own. We want to maintain some sort of independence from You as if that’s a good thing! Help us, to submit to You & Your will, Almighty God – our Counselor, our Protector, our Refuge. We ask for Your Wisdom to help us through this day. We praise You & love You. In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

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