We all carry pain. But not all of us know how to deal with that pain. For me the predominate pain I face is grief. My goal isn’t that the grief disappears, this is fanciful and just won’t happen. My goal is that I accept the reality of the grief and make it part of who I am. I am a grieving father, not just a father.

I cannot let it dominate, but neither will I pretend the grief isn’t with me.

I am a grieving father, and I am ok with that.

6 thoughts on “Pain

  1. My parents lost their first born when he was 14 to a drunk driver. He was my brother. My parents mourned deeply for him. It changed the fabric of our family. They didn’t mourn openly and didn’t go to grief counseling or get any help from a trained professional. This was back in 1969. I think you grieving openly and doing what is right for yourself and your family is so good. Thank you for sharing your feelings and for working out your grief.


  2. You are such a Godly man. You are a man after God’s own heart like King David! I always keep you in my prayers…..God Bless you, Christi & family

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