Quality rather than quantity

This has been a very long, very busy year. I have developed the pattern of getting up early and going to bed late, averaging around 5 hours of sleep a night. My coffee consumption has increased considerably as I pushed through my busy schedule.

I didn’t realize how exhausted I really was until I commenced vacation and found myself catch up sleeping 9 – 10 hours every night. Then I noticed my coffee consumption dropped, my thinking became more clear and my creativity returned. I realized that my exhaustion was clouding my thinking and had dulled my ability to think beyond the present.
There is absolutely no question I perform best when I am rested. It becomes a question of whether I want my output to be focused on quantity or quality? 2019 was the year of quantity, completing the Harris County Sheriff’s Academy while working full-time as a CEO and serving when I could as an Episcopal Priest. I am not proud of it, but my family suffered from all my frenetic activity.

2020 will be the year of quality, being the best father, husband, and friend I can be. Bringing my A-game to my work as CEO and becoming an excellent Sheriff’s Deputy.
I need to recognize the early signs of exhaustion and take the steps to rest up and maintain my focus on quality output.

Bring on 2020!

5 thoughts on “Quality rather than quantity

  1. Thanks for sharing Mark!! May the Lord bless you with restful, divine sleep every night so that you can bring your best every day!

    It is a great reminder to get good rest so that our minds, bodies & spirits can all work together to achieve the greatest success in all areas of our lives!

    May you have complete abundance in every area of your life in 2020!

    Much love!

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  2. Mark,
    You have been a blessing to me since I first came across one of your videos about Pornography in late 2011. I was saved in that time, and I have followed your posts, and updates since. Praying for you! Love your brother in Christ; brad flynn.

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  3. I really appreciate you asking how you could pray for me I believe the power of prayer helps I turn my life completely around and all’s I want in my life is God my grandchildren and my children may God bless you and your family I don’t remember my Facebook account but it’s under Vicki Lynn Anderson and it says faith on it but I do know my Yahoo account but I get a lot of spam in there

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