a call for philanthropreneurs

There is no question the Government plays a key role in the care of the poor and those in crisis, but it is only part of the solution.  What isn’t met by the government is frankly the responsibility of you and I.  

Whether it is churches, agencies (such as West Houston Assistance Ministries  that I lead) or passionate friend networks, it truly is up to you and I to help those who are really struggling.  

There is much work to be done, great need in every community with those who need food, financial help and support with crippling medical and addiction issues. 

It needs leaders, catalysts willing to step up and create new solutions for old problems.  Its raising funds, supporting amazing programs, lovingly walking alongside folks in their time of need. 

These leaders need to be creative, courageous, compassion and committed. Immune to discouragement and embarrassment and driven to succeed.

So I am calling folks to join me in finding solutions to counter poverty in our community.  A new generation of philanthropreneurs* willing to give of their talent and time to truly change our society for good. 

If this is you, leave a comment below. 🙂 


*philanthropic entrepreneurs – action oriented creatives who build solutions for those in need.  

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