An invitation: b.calm

So my day job is leading an organization that feeds the poor and those in crisis helps with financial aid and assist in getting folks employment. Whatever is happening, I am determined to make sure we do all we can to keep helping folks in need.

In the face of the COVID-19 spread, I took the decision today to reduce face to face contact but still hand out much-needed food, financial help, and employment services.

The next couple of weeks are going to be like nothing we have seen before. The effects of COVID-19 aren’t just physiological, but psychological as vast numbers of people panic at what could be.

My invitation to you is to maintain calm, to take a moment to think about the vulnerable in society right now. The elderly, those struggling with illness, the poor and those in crisis.

How might you help them? Perhaps assist them with shopping? Help them around the house? Let them know you are praying for them, available to help?

In times such as these, our best response is to immediately turn to the most vulnerable and be a compassionate support for them, without prejudice or condition.

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