Helping the poor (pls)

I am very concerned about the impact of this coronavirus on folks. I can see many are struggling with that number growing daily, not just with health issues, but with financial issues as well.

They will need food, help with the bills, help to get another job.

As CEO of West Houston Assistance Ministries, this is our work, to help those in crisis.
We need your help to help them.

We are looking for donations of:

Canned soups,

beans, and meats

Dry beans


Peanut butter and jelly

Mac and cheese


Spaghetti sauce


Shelf stable milk


Boxed juices

Cleaning supplies

Medium sized boxes (to pack these things for handout)

Ready to hand out boxes of food

Please drop them off at West Houston Assistance Ministries, 10am – 2pm Mon-Fri at 10501 Meadowglen Ln, 77042

We also need financial help, so if you are able to donate, head to our website by clicking here: West Houston Assistance Ministries).

Now is the time to step up and do all we can for those who are struggling.

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