Disturbing times – time to (help)

In the pouring rain this morning, I worked alongside my team at West Houston Assistance Ministries to hand out food to the homeless and those in crisis. It is emotionally tough work seeing the eyes of folks who are facing calamitous circumstances, unsure how they will get through. We have been doing this every day this week and will continue to do it as long as it is needed. 

I have led disaster responses before, including Harvey. In Harvey, the community responded, we had the funds we needed to meet the demand. But this disaster is completely different, no one is truly prepared for it. When a disaster strikes, the usual income streams cease, with the shortfall covered by extraordinary donations. Due to how surprising this one is, it’s not following the typical pathway.

Our revenue streams are drying up, as we cancel fundraising events etc.., yet the philanthropic community hasn’t responded as they usually would. 

We still need to provide all the help we can. Unfortunately, we are not alone, countless nonprofits are experiencing the same unique challenge. 

So, if you are a person of means, now is the time to help with undesignated giving to your favorite charity. Particularly those at the front line of dealing with this unprecedented crisis.

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