Leadership (NOW)

This photo was taken earlier today, just before we provided food to 799 people at West Houston Assistance Ministries – WHAM. We came together to pray for protection and to thank God for the opportunity to serve Him this way . Over the past two weeks we have provided food for nearly 8,000 people, with the number of folks we help growing daily. In these unprecedented times the way leaders operated before no longer applies.

We need to be much more nimble and prepared to make fundamental process changes to adapt to a rapidly changing situation.

We must make it abundantly clear that our team is an absolute priority, making sure they are as safe as possible in this uncertain time.

Now more than ever, the leader must lead from the front, providing direction and the assurance that they understand the situation and have a plan to get through it.

This is the season for leadership. This is the time for new leaders to be recognized, capable leaders to act and average leaders to step aside.

2 thoughts on “Leadership (NOW)

  1. God bless and keep us, Mark……thank you for your prayers, good outreach and your never ending encouragement. Peggy


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