Early hours and hours early.

Want to know how much some folks are struggling right now?

When I arrived at West Houston Assistance Ministries this morning at just after 6 am, there were already cars lined up for today’s food distribution. They will be waiting for over 4 hours to receive their food, water, and supplies.

We will continue to provide as much food and supplies as possible for as long as it is needed. I am a huge believer in free food distribution right now for two reasons, many of those we are helping have lost their jobs and due to the overwhelming demand, getting unemployment benefits is taking a long time.

But also, by receiving free food and supplies folks don’t have to go to the store as much, or stay as long, therefore reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19.
So though we have more than doubled how many folks we are serving, my intention is to keep increasing that number to meet the demand until life returns to some sort of normal again.

So yes, I expect folks getting in line hours early for a while yet.

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