Offer Prayer – Prayer Offer

Karestan Koenen, the Harvard professor of psychiatric epidemiology, while reflecting on the reaction of many in this pandemic time, stated,

‘People may face depression and anxiety because of social distancing’s physical isolation, fears over the potential for illness, death, job loss and bankruptcy, and other concerns.

To help children deal with the crisis, she recommended that parents keep regular routines, answer questions honestly, and limit media exposure. And parents should manage their own stress. “Kids take their lead from their parents,” she said. “By managing your stress, you’re helping your kids manage their stress.”

—-> If you are struggling and need someone to pray for you, I would be honored to lift your concerns to the Lord. Leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Offer Prayer – Prayer Offer

  1. Hi Rev. Mark! It has been awhile since connecting w you and your wife on
    Face book.
    Please pray for me. I go through the motions daily and go nowhere!
    I need GOD’s help and other’s prayers


  2. Hi Mark, Bless you and your wife for all the service you do.
    I suffer with anxiety and being home has made it worse. I stay in the word as I know this is the answer. I watch my church every Sunday have a live stream. But sometimes the anxiety hits me like a freight train out of no where. Thank you for you prayers.
    I pray for you.


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