West Houston Assistance Ministries Update, Monday 20th April, 2020

Greetings in the name of our Lord,

For the first time today, we asked those seeking food if they had lost their job. Of the 170 drivers, 156 of them have lost their jobs due to COVID19. A further 8 could possibly lose their job, 4 did not work and 2 are retired. This bares out the pain and suffering that we are encountering daily. We not only provide much needed provisions, but we are offering love and support. My team is truly God’s hands and feet.

I am particularly proud of how much food we are able to hand out. Below is what folks received today, all for free.

What we give out changes daily, but my amazing team work hard to make sure there is as much as possible to provide for each family and individual.

And the number we have helped over this past month is astonishing, with 18,104 people being provided with food which includes 6,727 children. Just last week we helped 5,847 people!

Which is why I am just so appreciative of the way God is providing what we need. Today someone drove up and handed one of my team a check for $2,000 for our work. I also spoke with someone who shared that God had made it clear they were to donate $1,000 to WHAM. God is amazing!

Below is a video of my Facebook Live broadcast today. It’s tough to watch as I interview several folks, all of whom have lost their job. But this is the unfortunate and painful reality we must face right now.

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