West Houston Assistance Ministries Update

For the past nearly 7 weeks WHAM has been operating in a disaster relief capacity. We have completely changed the way we interact with folks, dramatically increased our assistance and to maintain a healthy workforce, changed our work practices.

In a typical year, we provide food for 35,000 people. In the past month alone, we have provided food for 22,500 people. This significant increase has necessitated completely new ways of distribution. Now we have an efficient drive through system where we can move around 90 or so cars through an hour. This involves a dedicated team of staff and volunteers split into four crews over two shifts, Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday. Two of the crews focus on distribution and preparation, two other crews just preparation. We have been very blessed to also have the National Guard assisting us, young hard working folks prepared to serve as required.

So right now, we are providing food for around 1,200 folks a day, and starting today, rather than them coming once every two weeks, we are now inviting them to come weekly. This is only possible due to the incredible generosity of the Houston Food Bank, local stores, churches and individuals.

As well as food and supplies, we have also been able to provide around $8,000 a day in financial assistance for rent and utilities. These are being handled remotely, with interviews happening over the phone. Also, our employment program is in full swing, with the demand strong for folks needing help finding a job.

So, if you know folks who need food, supplies, financial assistance or help to find a job, please do refer them to us, we would love to help them if we can.

Right now we are in desperate need of masks and gloves to hand out, as well as funds to continue to provide for those in need for the foreseeable future. If you can help head to: https://www.whamministries.org/corona-virus-crisis

I am so thankful to God for all that He has provided! We are indeed blessed to serve His people this way.

God bless, Mark Brown – WHAM CEO

National Guard in action
God’s people at work!

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