WHAM Update, Tuesday 5th of May, 2020

After a long hiatus Second Blessing re-opened today! Store Manager, Jeff has put into place a slew of safety precautions in line with the CDC recommendations and those of our Governor. We had a steady and healthy stream of customers, including some of our regulars who are very happy to be able to shop again at one of their favorite stores.

It was also good to see some of the store volunteers coming to help out. I maintain the strict expectation of social distancing and facial coverings for all those on our campus as we continue to navigate the challenge of the pandemic.

This is the first week of modified food distribution schedule. After 8 weeks of Monday to Friday distribution, the team are understandably getting worn out. So I took the decision to only distribute Monday, Wednesday and Friday, allowing Tuesday and Thursday to clean up, prepare food and supplies for distribution, attend to emails and catch our breath. The National Guard were a huge help today, cleaning and ordering our pantry. The furloughed restaurant workers helped in the Warehouse with Second Blessing, but also helped with disinfecting and cleaning around our campus.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and to mark this, we provided a bag of goodies for each of the teachers at Paul Revere Middle School.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our most recent Volunteer of the Year, Susan Meers, has been working the phones handling a large volume of financial assistance requests. Susan is such a blessing and asset to us!

The power of Prayer

I took some time out this morning to walk around the store with Jeff and pray for the health of the staff and the customers. We are doing God’s work and in this, seeking His strength and protection.

I invite you to join me in praying daily for the protection of the team. That we can provide assistance to those who need it in a way that brings glory to God.

One thought on “WHAM Update, Tuesday 5th of May, 2020

  1. I’m particularly glad to see the second blessings store reopened for business. We also thank God for all the wonderful workers for what was done and are still being done to serve humanity during this difficult time. You are all appreciated and are continually in our prayers for strength, good health and wisdom in carrying out your duties. The Lord will reward you accordingly in Jesus name. At the end of this pandemic, none of us and our loved ones shall be missing!

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