WHAM Update Wednesday, 6th May

Today was a huge day in food and supplies distribution! They started lining up early, and the line was so long we sent some of the team to create a line through the St Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church parking lot so as to relieve some of the traffic off Westheimer. I am very appreciative to Fr Mario for allowing us to use the church, much needed! We ended up providing food for 1,160 individuals, including 617 children. In the photo below, this is most of the team that achieved this! As you can see, we have grown in size as the need has grown. Not shown here are our Second Blessing team or our financial assistance/employment program team, or Crew 3 or 4, our two afternoon teams.

A moment in time, this is our Board Treasurer, Tina Davis handing a gift to one of the patient children, in line for food with their parent. These gifts were specially made by another board member, Janice Miller and some of the women from St Cyril’s Catholic Church.

The team packing down and cleaning up after a long and successful session of food distribution.

I am just so impressed with the team of folks serving food for so many. In this video, you get a sense of what goes into it, how it takes many hands to complete the huge task! (Press the play button and turn the volume up!). Music: Nightsky, by Tracey Chattaway.

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