WHAM Update Thursday, 7th May

Today we received a wonderful letter from a donor, that encapsulates what we are doing through WHAM:

As well as offering food and supplies, we are also providing financial assistance to folks struggling with eviction. In the past week we have given out $25,000 worth of checks to help stave off eviction. In this moving video, Kim Hill shares her experience of being at the frontline of this incredible program:

With the blessing of extra hands to help, thanks to the furloughed restaurant worker grant, we are getting a lot of much needed cleaning completed. We were blessed today when 5 more such workers arrived, committed to working in the warehouse and the store for the next 8 weeks. This takes the total now to 15!

I received the following lovely email from Pastor Carolyn McCall, from Mission Bend United Methodist Church :

‘Mark, I want you to know I have passed by WHAM at least twice a week and offered prayer. I have witnessed the long car lines that reach from WHAM to Westheimer. It was impossible to get in the parking lot to offer a personal prayer, but know that I prayed for your strength and wisdom. I prayed for all the workers and the cars as I passed them. I just wanted you to know, this pastor and sister is praying for you and the ministry of WHAM. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you strong in good health and wise in your decisions.’

Prayer is so essential to what we are trying to achieve here! So, please do continue to offer our ministry and work up to God, we cannot do it without Him.

3 thoughts on “WHAM Update Thursday, 7th May

  1. Thank you and God blessings to you Mark and all the great people at Wham!. I am thrilled to have been a small part of the effort in the past. Now age dictates that my participation be restricted to helping fund the great work that you were doing. Another check is in the mail.


  2. We are blessed to have WHAM, the staff and the volunteers working with such dedication in our community.


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