WHAM Update Friday, 15th May, 2020

Today was a record in terms of how many cars, and how many people were provided with food. The team worked hard in the very humid Houston heat and after more than 3 hours and 370 cars, we finished up. We ended up providing food for 1,737 people, including 698 children!

Over the past month, we have provided food for a total of 35,436 people, including 14,333 children. God is good!

I am am just so proud of the distribution team, how hard and how well they are performing given how exhausting the work is. But it isn’t just the food distribution team that are working hard, our employment program team, the financial assistance team, the Second Blessing team, our Development team are also all working incredibly hard. As is our Director of Finance and HR, Kim Hogan (see below). Kim has done an incredible job organizing the PPP Loan from the SBA to help with payroll costs as well as countless other tasks to keep our finances and HR requirements on track.

We were blessed today to host Wesley Hunt, the Republican candidate for Texas’s 7th Congressional District. Some of his campaign team joined us today as well. They worked very hard, I appreciated them taking the time to help us.

Yesterday, the USDA dropped off a shipping container. Starting next Tuesday and for the following 6 weeks, the container will be filled with dry goods to distribute. They will also provide a forklift for us to use for the same period.

At the end of a long week, as a thank you to our amazing team, we arranged for the Kona Ice to come visit, and we treated the team to a much deserved snow cone.

Photos from today’s record distribution:

What a blessing it is to serve this way!

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