WHAM Update, 1st June, 2020

Greetings in the name of our Lord!

Below is a series of photos taken early this morning as the team prepared for our day of food and supplies distribution. I wanted to share this collection as it gives an insight into not only the huge amount of work that goes into this operation, but also the diverse range of tasks involved.

Left to right, first row: As the food comes in, they are often in bulk packaging and require breaking down; our diverse team has National Guard, volunteers, community service workers, staff, furloughed restaurant workers; our waiting room is now a much needed packing area, while the food and supplies are distributed, we have a small team that continue to prepare for the next distribution.

Left to right, second row: to the left, setting up the walk up tables, on the right, two of our team head out to register folks lined up in their cars down Rogerdale Rd; Lisa Iparrea in her office, hard at work; Sonya getting the registration team ready.

Third row: setting up the drive through food distribution line.

Today’s video! (Turn up the volume!)

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