WHAM Update, 5th June, 2020

Greetings in the name of our Lord,

An incredible couple of days of service for WHAM. In the past two days we have provided food for 545 households, 2,382 individuals including 920 children!

What was particularly pleasing for me was that we have got our distribution process to the point that we are able to move 150 cars an hour through the distribution line. The team is working so well together!

Over the past 13 weeks since we commenced, we have provided food and supplies to 51,265 people including 20,254 children. But it isn’t just food and supplies we are helping folks with. Between June 1st and 3rd, we helped 30 families, representing 64 individuals with financial assistance. This came out to $14,335.59 in assistance for bills owed, rent overdue.

We also continue to help folks get a job. Folks like Christina. Christina emailed employment services seeking assistance in finding a F/T position after her hours were severely reduced due to Covid-19. During a schedule appointment, Christina participated in a mock interview to answer some questions about work history. After resume review, we decided to revise her resume to make it more effective by placing emphasis on her skills and qualifications. Christina was given jobs leads throughout the week along with a list of staffing agencies that specialize in finding jobs in her particular industry.

What an extraordinary gift it is to serve God this way!

What makes it possible is an incredible team of staff, volunteers, the National Guard, furloughed restaurant workers, security guards, A&M social work interns.. we are just so blessed with a top team. The below photo was taken immediately after we served the last car today, after three hours of laboring in the hot sun. If you look carefully, under the West Houston Assistance Ministries sign, there is a table set up with ice cream and toppings. We blessed our team by providing them with a free ice cream sundae!

I took this photo as to me it epitomizes what makes WHAM special. The lady in this photo is Tina Davies. She is the Treasurer for WHAM’s and a senior member of the Board of Directors. She holds an important position, and yet she is willing to help out where it is needed. It wasn’t just today she has helped, but she has been at WHAM three days a week since this all began. Not only her, but her daughter, Elizabeth and husband Clark. I so admire the Davis family! They are not alone, there are many such volunteers who come often to sort books, fix donated electronics to sell, process asks for financial assistance, help out in the pantry, sit on the board and its committees, help in Second Blessing, our re-sale store, to name a few. They are the backbone of WHAM, without them our effectiveness would be marginal in comparison.

I am thankful for all our volunteers, they are truly a gift from God!

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