There is so much that is calamitous in society right now, that it requires us to act with compassion, thoughtfully, and with great courage.

What isn’t helpful is when we are partisan, pushing one particular political candidate or party. All this does is distract from the required work of healing. In fact, it often deepens society’s wounds rather than salve them.

Now is the time to resist the urge to fly the republican or democrat flag in favor of focusing on providing love, support, and justice for those who are suffering and in pain.

3 thoughts on “foc(us)

  1. I mostly agree with what you said it here. It’s just really hard not to when you see the other side politicizing a tragedy so much.
    We can say ‘oh be the bigger person’ but the death of George Floyd is being used to further the political ground of the left.
    That isn’t right, and I’m not saying it’s okay when conservative people respond in the same way. It just feels impossible to not push back against it.


  2. Can I share your remarks, Mark? I’ve been trying to think of what to write on our funeral home website. Your thoughts are what I couldn’t express. Of course you’d be quoted:) ~Ginny Jackson

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