WHAM Update, Thursday 18th June, 2020

Greetings in the name of the Lord!

We at WHAM are called to provide for those who face one of the most difficult situations possible. Victims of a devastated economy struggling for food, supplies, and funds to pay the bills. The economic challenges are creating enormous stress both on the individuals and on their relationships.

Right now, we are helping around 5,000 people a week with food and supplies, and thanks to generous grants, providing around $60,000 a week in financial assistance. Plus we are helping a range of folks find a new job. This is considerably more than we usually do, which is why I am just so proud of the team and so thankful to God for all the help and support we are receiving.

We will keep doing all we can to serve those in need for as long as it takes.

The below photos are some of our financial assistance team at work. Their load has dramatically increased, and they have stepped up to the challenge.

Though the majority of those provided with food and supplies arrive in cars, we are still doing all we can to assist the homeless and those without transportation. We are making sure they are taken care of and not forgotten.

Yesterday was another busy day of distribution. We continue to see a large number of folks needing help. As we did on Monday, yesterday we surveyed each of the folks coming for help, asking them about their employment situation. We will survey them again on Friday and then analyze the weeks worth of data. Key to me is making sure that the food and supplies we disperse get into the hands of folks who really need it. This weeks survey will give me a good idea as to the need and assist in working out what the next step might be.

Please continue to hold us and all we serve in your prayers!

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